Saadiq Wicks

“It’s not what you SAY it’s how YOU FEEL when you SAY IT!”

Saadiq Y. Wicks

Over the years I’ve come to terms with it, although STILL there a times when I wish I didn’t stutter. See not only does stuttering effect and affect your only means of communication [SPEAKING] but it also impacts your physical being. Like it’s HARD physically challenging and exhausting sometimes. You try blocking on every word that begins with the letter “H”. Once I stopped saying words that began with an “H” my protest lasted about 2 weeks or so.

 Until my mother figured it out. She’s my biggest supporter which is why I started Lllet Me Finish; to support other kids like me who stutter. Unfortunately I too, know what it’s like to be bullied, to have someone finish my sentences and been made to feel that what I have to say wasn’t important. It SUCKS!Talking is an everyday occurrence. The way in which most communicate. And, what we all have to say matters, which is why we should all be given the time to FINISH.


Saadiq Wicks!!!

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Lllet Me Finish
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