Lllet Me Finish is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young people who stutter that they may feel successful in school and within their community. 

How We Help? 

Saadiq Wicks: First Fundraiser - Chick-fil A , New Jersey

There are more than 70 million people who stutter on a daily basis, 5% of which are children. Young people who stutter are met with adversities and insurmountable pressure to navigate situations that others face with normalcy...speaking. 

Stuttering is a disruption in the production of speech sounds called disfluency. Which means that very often our words don’t come out as “smoothly” as they are developed. Understand, it’s not that we don’t know what we want to say, what we want to say very often comes how however it wants.  Our speech could sound as if it were riding in a 4-wheel drive over the roughest of terrain. 

Helping looks different for each child. And, it’s important to remember that YOUR help may also look different from day to day…as the help is dependent on our feelings which is contingent on how well we [us and our stutter] gets along. 
Good thing is YOU and YOUR CHILD are not alone. 

How can I help my child who Stutters?

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I was Bullied for My Stutter and Author Visit: “When Oliver Speaks” 

Who WE know? 

~Malcom Frasier           

“Learning how to help yourself should be the goal of every stutterer
                                                                                                                                          Founder, The StutteringFoundation

Who WE know? 

“Learning how to help yourself should be the goal of every stutterer"

~Malcom Frasier           

  Founder, The StutteringFoundation

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